Solved Question with Answer New Pattern UGC/CBSE NET

1.    Which is the next term in the following series?


a)    14,4

b)    14,17

c)    18,14

d)    19,14

Ans: D)

2.    10,34,12,31,14,28,16,….

a)    25,28

b)    30,13

c)    19,26

d)    18,20

Ans: a)

3.    36,34,30,28,24,…

a)    20

b)    22

c)    23

d)    26

Ans: b)

4.    8,22,8,28,8,…

a)    9

b)    29

c)    32

d)    34

Ans: d)

5.    In a certain code ‘ABOVE’ is written as ‘CAQUG’. How is ‘BELOW’ written in that code?

a)    DCNMY

b)    DDMNY

c)    DDNMX

d)    DDNNY

Ans: d)

6.    PSXM is related to QRLY in the same way as BFTV is related to

a)    AESU

b)    CEUU

c)    DHVX

d)    CSTV

Ans: b)

7.    STAPLER is related to TGNPQRY in the same way as WINDSOR is related to which of the following?





Ans: d)

8.    If ‘rose’ is called ‘popy’, ‘popy’ is called ‘lily’, ‘lily’ is called ‘lotus’ and ‘lotus’ is called ‘jasmine’, which of the following is the king of flowers?

a)    Rose

b)    Lotus

c)    popy

d)    Jasmine

Ans: d)

9.    In a certain code, EXERCISE is written as ‘39371263’ and BEND is written as ‘5348’. How would SCIENCE be written in that code?

a)    6234824

b)    6123413

c)    6321431

d)    6457847

Ans: b)

10.  In a certain code ‘REPORT’ is written as ‘SDONQU’, how is ‘PERSON’ written in that code?

a)    QDQRNP

b)    QDORNM

c)    ODQRNP

d)    None of these

Ans: d)

11.  Introducing a girl, ramprasad said, “her mother is the only daughter of my mother-i-law.” How is Ramprasad related to the girl?

a)    Father

b)    Husband

c)    Brother

d)    Cannot be determined

Ans: a)

12.  Malti is the other of Rohan. Sameer is the father of Ajit. Ajit is the brother of Rohan and Dipu. which of the following statement I not true?

a)    Malti is the mother of dipu

b)    Sameer is the husband of malti

c)    Sameer has three children

d)    Ajit is the daughter of malti

Ans: d)

13.  Shefali is thesister of the son of Alok’s son. How is Shefali related to Alok?

a)    Sister

b)    Grandmother

c)    Niece

d)    Granddaughter

Ans: d)

14.  Pointing to a man in the photograph, a man says, “he is the son of mother of my mother’s only daughter-in-law.” How is the man in the photograph related to the man making the statement?

a)    Brother

b)    Sister

c)    Brother-in-law

d)    Son

Ans: c)

15.  Pointing to a man, a woman said, “his mother is the only daughter of my mother.” How is the woman related to the man?

a)    Mother grandmother

b)    Sister

c)    Daughter

Ans: a)

16.  Ponting to a man in a photograph, a woman said, “he is the only son of my mother’s father.” How is the woman related to the man in the photograph?

a)    Niece

b)    Sister

c)    Daughter

d)    Granddaughter

Ans: a)

17.  I started waking towards east and after walking 20m, turned to my left and walked 15m. then, I turned to my left and walked 15m. Then, I turned to my left and walked 20m. Again I turned to my left and walked 15m. Now, I am walking in which direction with respect to the starting point?

a)    South

b)    North

c)    East

d)    West

Ans: a)

18.  Mahesh walks 20m North. Then, he turns right and walks 30m. Now, he turns right and walks 35m. Now turning left, he walks 15m. Again, he turns left and moves 15m. In which direction and how far is he from his original position?

a)    15m, east

b)    45m, east

c)    15m, west

d)    45m, west

Ans: b)

19.  Its no news that mobile phone use raises the risk of brain cancer and impotency.

a)    An assumption

b)    A conclusion

c)    A premise

d)    Not an argument

Ans: d)

20.  The passage, “the weather is cold because there is low atmospheric pressure in the region”, is an example of a/an

a)    Argument

b)    Illustration

c)    Report

d)    Explanation

Ans: b)

21.  Transistors are associated with which of the following?

a)    First generation

b)    Fifth generation

c)    Second generation

d)    None of these

Ans: c)

22.  An octal number 237is equal to the binary number

a)    010011111

b)    010111011

c)    011101101

d)    011000001

Ans: c)

23.  Which of the following is true?

a)    Plotters are not available for micro computer system

b)    Micro-computers are not programmed like conventional computers

c)    Mini-computers are task-oriented.

d)    The contents of ROM can be easily changed

Ans: c)

24.  ROM is composed of

a)    Magnetic cores

b)    Microprocessors

c)    Photoelectric cels

d)    Floppy disks

Ans: b)

25.  The soil rich in soluble salts is

a)    Halomorphic

b)    Calcimorphic

c)    Laterite

d)    None f these

Ans: a)

26.  The pollutants, which are already present in nature but are released in substantial amounts by man, are nown as

a)    Quantitative pollutants

b)    Qualitative pollutants

c)    Degradable pollutants

d)    Primary pollutants

Ans: a)

27.  The biological amplification of DDt at the various trophic levels is known as

a)    Greenhouse effect

b)    Bio-magnification

c)    Eutrophication

d)    Pollution

Ans: b)

28.  Environment can be improved by

a)    Wind erosion

b)    Excessive tree fall

c)    Conservation

d)     None of these

Ans: c)

29.  SO2 pollution is indicated by destruction of

a)    Climbers

b)    Lichens

c)    Mosses

d)    Grasses

Ans; b)

30.  BOD is related to

a)    Detergents

b)    Putrescibility

c)    Inorganic pollutants

d)    Organic pollutnats

Ans: d)

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