1.       The water pollution can dropped best by
a)      Spraying DDT
b)      Treating effluents to remove injurious chemicals
c)       Cultivating water plants
d)      Rearing more fishes
   2.       Taj Mahal is threatened due to the effect of
a)      Hydrogen
b)      Chlorine
c)       Sulphur dioxide
d)      Oxygen
   3.       Water Pollution is caused by
a)      Hydrocarbon gases and growth of phyto-planktons
b)      Industrial effluents
c)       Rain
d)      Decay of aquatic animal bodies
   4.       Which of the following dam is not on Narmada River
a)      Indira Sagar Project
b)      Mahindra Hydel Power Project
c)       Jobat Project
d)      Koyna Power Project
   5.       Photosphere is described as the
a)      Lower level of the atmosphere
b)      Visible surface of the Sun from which radiation emanates
c)       Wavelength of solar spectrum
d)      None of the above

   6.       One rupee currency notes in bears the signature of
a)      The president of India
b)      Finance minister of India
c)       Governor Reserve Bank of India
d)      Finance secretary of Government of India
   7.       When some students are deliberately attempting to disturb the equilibrium of the class by making mischief what will be your role as a teacher?
a)      Expelling those students
b)      Isolate those students
c)       Reform the group with your authority
d)      Giving them an opportunity for introspection and improve their behavior
   8.       A hypothesis is a –
a)      Law
b)      Postulate
c)       Supposition
d)      Canon
   9.       Research is not considered ethical if it—
a)      Tries to prove a particular point
b)      Does not ensure privacy and anonymity of the respondent
c)       Does not investigate the data scientifically
d)      Is not of a very high standard
   10.   The aim of value education is to inculcate in students—
a)      Moral values
b)      Social values
c)       Political values
d)      Economic values

   11.   Indicate the number of regional offices of University Grants Commission of India
a)      10
b)      08
c)       07
d)      09
   12.   What is the absolute CO2 emission from domestic sector?
a)      1.5mmt
b)      2.5mmt
c)       0.75mmt
d)      1.75mmt
   13.   Teaching is best described as
a)      Occupation
b)      Profession
c)       Vocation
d)      Career
   14.   He chief objective of teaching is
a)      Transmission of existing knowledge
b)      Stimulate curiosity of students to discover knowledge
c)       Help students to solve question
d)      Help students pass the exam
   15.   A good learner is one who
a)      Listens to the teacher carefully
b)      Asks questions frequently
c)       Completes homework on time
d)      Has a questioning frame of mind

   16.   Programmed instruction is based on the principles of learning which is known as
a)      Software learning
b)      Motivation
c)       Reinforcement
d)      Systematic Programming
   17.   High level performing language can be converted to machine language using which of the following?
a)      Oracle
b)      Compiler
c)       Mat lab
d)      Assembler
   18.   HTML is used to create—
a)      Machine language program
b)      High level program
c)       Web page
d)      Web server
   19.   The term DNS stands for
a)      Domain Name System
b)      Defense Nuclear System
c)       Downloadable New Software
d)      Dependent Name Server
   20.   Photo bleeding means
a)      Photo cropping
b)      Photo Placement
c)       Photo cutting
d)      Photo colour adjustment

   21.   In which language, the Indian Newspaper has the highest circulation?
a)      English
b)      Bengali
c)       Hindi
d)      Tamil
   22.   What is the number that comes next in the sequence
2, 5, 9, 19, 37,…..
a)      76
b)      75
c)       74
d)      50
   23.   Find the next letter for the series MPSV-
a)      X
b)      Y
c)       Z
d)      A
   24.   Which is the number that comes next in the following sequence?
a)      60
b)      72
c)       64
d)      70
   25.   Find the next letter for series YVSP….
a)      N
b)      M
c)       O
d)      L

   26.   In India for broadcasting TV programmes which system is followed?
a)      NTCS
b)      PAL
c)       SECAM
d)      NTSE
   27.   MC National University of Journalism is located at—
a)      Lucknow
b)      Chennai
c)       Bhopal
d)      Mumbai
   28.   The pioneer of silent feature film in India was—
a)      K.A. Abass
b)      B.R. Chopra
c)       Satyajit Ray
d)      Dada Sahib Phalke
   29.   Classroom communication of a teacher rests on the principle of—
a)      Infotainment
b)      Edutainment
c)       Power equation
d)      Entertainment
   30.   Nagoya Protocol is related to—
a)      Climate change
b)      Ozone depletion
c)       Hazardous waste
d)      Biodiversity
   31.   In a certain code GALIB is represented by HBMJC, TIGER will be represented by ---
a)      UJHFS
b)      UHJSF
c)       HUJSF
d)      JHUSF

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