Letter Samples for SBI PO Mains Descriptive Paper

Letter Samples for SBI PO Mains Descriptive Paper

Descriptive English Test is now a part of various competitive exams including insurance and bank exams. The main intent of the descriptive test is to analyse the proficiency of written English among candidates. The descriptive test is just a qualifying test in SBI PO Main Exam, which means the candidate must score only the imperative cutoffs in the paper that leads them to a pathway to attend an interview.

With only a few days left to SBI PO Main Exam, here are some of the key points that would help you to tackle letter writing and help to fetch required cutoffs in descriptive English test.

Key Points to Remember when dealing with letter writing

       Decision Making: Candidates will be given a choice between two or three subjects, so the choice has to be made wisely as one might be an informal letter. There will two forms of letter format, Formal and Informal Letter writing. A formal letter is limited to subject at hand and it is not that flexible. An informal letter can be written in a flow as you have more flexibility in regulating the content of the letter.

       Follow the Format: Always stick to a format in letter writing. Each letter naturally must include following components in order.
       Your Address (Fake Address)
       Current Date (Today’s Date)
       Salutation (After writing salutation greets the recipient with “Dear” or “Sir” or “Madam”)
       The subject of the Letter. ( It is not applicable for informal letter).
       The body of the Letter including introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph.
       Complimentary Closing or Sign off.
       Your Name (designation if required).

       Word Limit: In the examination, you will definitely have a time limit and same will affect the word limit. So keep your subject in mind while writing a letter.

       The body of a Letter: The body of the letter must cover the comprehensiveness of the subject that has been stated in the question. The introductory paragraph should state your name and the purpose of writing this letter. The conclusion must have a firm call to action.

       Sign Off: The complimentary or sign off must be relevant. “ Yours Truly “ or Yours Sincerely” would be relevant for formal letters. “Yours affectionately “would be appropriate for informal letters.

Salutation: If you know the recipient that your writing, ensure that your salutations are gender appropriate or else you can just specify “ Sir”. 

Letter Samples

      Informal Letter Sample

           Formal Letter Sample 

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